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12 Week Healthy Cooking Skills Courses 
Online and face-to-face in the Cook with Steph Kitchen, perfect for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards or for those wanting to learn to cook



My Healthy Cooking Skills Courses are designed for any young person wanting to learn how to cook delicious, nutritious recipes from scratch or for those who are working towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 


This activity may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award Skills Section, please check with your D of E Leader before booking. 


Steph's recipes will inspire young people to be able to create delicious healthy food, whilst gaining essential life skills and confidence building experiences.  Good nutrition, cooking healthier meals, kitchen hygiene, time management and how to shop and cook economically are all at the heart of the experience - and of course having fun in the kitchen!!! Perfect for young people who are off to Uni or are moving into their first flat.


 "Steph is passionate about healthy eating, encouraging good eating habits & learning good core skills. She brings this and expert nutritional advice to all of her recipes and classes". 

Steph's courses support young people with SEND, both online and face-to-face in the kitchen and any additional help will be provided. Vegetarian and dietary needs can be catered for. Classes are fun, informal and provide students with a fantastic opportunity to try a diverse selection of healthy recipes and cook supper for the family at the same time!


 Online Zoom course with interactive tuition & plenty of tips on how to eat and cook healthy recipes. 

Recipes cards and a pack to fill in for D of E will be provided. Start date and time determined to fit in with the group £175.


Face-to-face courses in the Cook with Steph Kitchen all ingredients and homemade snacks provided.

 Recipes cards and a pack to fill in for D of E will be provided. Start date and time determined to fit in with the group £250.














Cooking Skills Course 1

Week 1: Energy boosting fruit & nut granola 

Healthy eating, reading a recipe, hygiene & safety, making a healthy breakfast

Week 2: Healthy chicken korma & fluffy basmati rice

Understanding cross contamination, handling raw chicken, making a low-fat curry

Week 3: Feel good fish goujons & tartare sauce 

Enrobing fish & understanding sustainability, using a healthier cooking technique.

Week 4: Oven baked risotto with bacon, peas & Parmesan

Working with Arborio rice, absorption, dry frying bacon to reduce the fat content

Week 5: Falafel burgers & sweet potato wedges 

Moulding & shaping, knife skills, cooking a healthy, meat free meal

Week 6: Super healthy roasted vegetable & pesto pizza 

Understanding yeast & gluten, making a wholewheat pizza & homemade pesto sauce

Week 7: Soy baked salmon with stir fry Chinese veg & whole-wheat ginger noodles 

Marinating fish, using a wok, stir frying as a healthy cooking method

Week 8: Steph's tasty Bolognese 

Fine knife skills, tenderising meat & using leaner cuts of meat

Week 9: Fajitas with fresh tomato salsa 

Making your own spice blend, using a healthier oven baked recipe

Week 10: Mac & cheese with a broccoli twist 

Making a roux sauce, cooking pasta al dente, adding veg & a whole-wheat topping

Week 11: Soda bread & speedy tomato soup 

Making a wholemeal, high fibre dough, making & blending a healthy soup

Week 12: 5 a day muffins 

Cooking with raising agents, adding fruit, vitamins & fibre to a cake recipe

Week 1: Perfect all-day omelette

Healthy eating, reading a recipe, hygiene & safety, good knife skills, working with eggs

Week 2: Banana, muesli breakfast loaf

Understanding oxidisation, making a low fat, high fibre, banana bread

Week 3: Chickpea hummus & griddled flatbreads

Blending together ingredients to make a healthy snack. Making unleavened bread 

Week 4: Pork satay skewers with healthy egg fried rice 

Using the grill as a healthier cooking method, making a high protein main course

Week 5: Rainbow veggie chilli & homemade nachos

Using fresh herbs & spices, making a nutritious meat free chilli 

Week 6: Sausages with sticky onion gravy & perfect fluffy mash

Cooking healthier oven baked sausages, making an onion gravy & perfect fluffy mash

Week 7: Chicken & chorizo paella

Cooking paella rice, reducing the fat content of a meal.

Week 8: Thai green prawn /veg curry

Making a curry paste from scratch, using Thai spices, making a healthy curry

Week 9: Roasted vegetable lasagne

Using wholewheat pasta, making an all in one sauce & a low fat, high fibre ragu sauce

Week 10: Veggie packed lamb koftas & tzatziki 

Adding veg to koftas, using couscous, making a dip

Week 11: Roast chicken traybake, veg & gravy

Making a nutritionally balanced meal, time management

Week 12: Rustic apple tart with vanilla & honey yoghurt 

Making a high fibre shortcrust pastry & a Vit C packed filling


Cooking Skills Course  2:  


Healthy eating plant-based course 3:   (coming soon)

Week 1: Overnight oats

Healthy eating, reading a recipe, making a healthy breakfast

Week 2: Avocado on toast with butterbean hummus & harissa

Prepping an avocado, blending a hummus using butterbeans

Week 3: Roasted red pepper & bean burritos

Roasting vegetables, preparing a spice blend, using fresh herbs

Week 4: Creamy broccoli & pine nut carbonara

Steaming broccoli, making a creamy plant-based sauce

Week 5: Red lentil daal & tandoori chickpeas with homemade naan

Making a curry paste, homemade naan & a low fat, high fibre curry

Week 6: Sweet potato & carrot mash shepherd's pie

Making perfect fluffy mash & a red lentil bake

Week 7: Colourful veg paella 

Using paella rice, understanding absorption, learning about heat control

Week 8: Minestrone soup & pesto croutons

Making a healthy main meal soup, making a plant-based pesto

Week 9: Herby quinoa tabbouleh salad

Working with grains & fresh herbs, making a fresh, healthy salad

Week 10: Beetroot burgers & tomato relish

Making a plant-based burger, heat control, roasting tomatoes 

Week 11: Berry crumble

Preparing an oaty, high fibre crumble topping. Prepping vit C packed fruits

Week 12: One tray Sunday roast with smashed minted peas

Making an all in one plant-based Sunday lunch with a quick vegetable gravy


Week 1: Apricot & white chocolate cookies

Knife skill, moulding & shaping cookies

Week 2: Seeded bread rolls

Understanding yeast & gluten, shaping bread rolls

Week 3: Mini carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting

Using vegetable in a cake recipe, making a cream cheese frosting

Week 4: Sweet or savoury scones 

Rubbing in method & understanding raising agents

Week 5: Victoria sponge

Creaming method, folding in & decorating a cake

Week 6: Bakewell slice

Making shortcrust pastry, an almond sponge & glacé icing

Week 7: Lemon drizzle cake

Working with citrus fruits, raising agents & making a sugar syrup

Week 8: Chocolate & Nutella Swiss roll 

Making a fatless whisked sponge, an egg foam & learning how to assemble a Swiss roll

Week 9:  Sticky toffee pudding

Soaking dried fruits, making a toffee sauce

Week 10: Chelsea buns

Making a sweet yeast dough, using biological raising agents

Week 11: Chocolate profiteroles

Making choux pastry, melting chocolate using a Bain Marie

Week 12: Mini fruity pavlovas

Making an egg foam & meringue, whipping cream, high level decorating skills

Also for those looking to brush up on their baking skills...

Steph's best bakes course 4 (coming soon)